Impactful displays made simple


Get Your Message Across Without Breaking a Sweat

HOBO boards are impactful, engaging, and light weight.


This is amazing. It stands out from anything I have seen before. I love that it can tell multiple stories

Fellowship Director at a major Phamaceutical company

Holy $%@# !

- Application Engineer at an EH&S engineering firm

Holy $%@# !

- Freelance Graphic Art Design Consultant

Now this will draw people in!

Director of Marketing at a major Pharmaceutical company

Holy $%@# !

- Sales Executive at a high-end printing contractor

Easy to Design, Easy to Assemble

With our easy-to-use template, design is simple. Then, to top it off, your field set up is measured in seconds!

Lightweight, Big Impact

At only 3 lbs., the HOBO board is super-easy to transport and set up, but we don't sacrifice the looks here. These beauties will make all of the other boards jealous.

Designed by Professionals for Professionals

The best products around us come from the functional users in the marketplace. The HOBO board has those same roots, and you will get those same benefits.

Every brand has a story to tell.

Every brand has a story to tell.

HOBO draws people in, and gets your message out.