Our Story

It all started with a project for one of my daughters. She was the State President for Children of the American Revolution and was leading a project on the Ghost Army Legacy Project. She and I were looking for a way to grab people’s attention and pull them in for a conversation. We knew that once people would engage, the education and the story would take care of the rest.  Over the years, we had tried the poster board, the cardboard trifold and other ways, but they just never had the impact to draw people in.  Printing 8x10s and taping them to a board were just not getting it done.

My daughter and I did some research into alternatives and mixed in some creativity with a goal to be attention grabbing, tell a story and be memorable so the idea and conversation would stick with people. Everything we had used in the past was awkward, flimsy, and not durable at all. Overcoming those obstacles was the driving factor to the design of our original board and the driving force behind HOBO.

The reaction was immediate! When people were walking by our display, they automatically stopped and said “Wow, that is impressive. Tell me what it is about.” This was not just one or two people – we’re talking everyone. Having spent many days professionally in sales conferences, informational displays and exhibit halls, my husband (Jim) could see we were on to something that could be huge in the professional world. If the display can get the people to stop and look…it’s showtime. Now they are engaged in the conversation. 

It didn’t stop there. Now that we had the concept, how could we build a better mousetrap? The design was not enough, we wanted to cure some of the other challenges facing the display world. Conventional commercial displays were heavy, clumsy, difficult to set up and frequently had to be shipped back and forth to a location. Then there is always the challenge of image quality and version control. My husband and our other partner (Matt) set out with the task to best this challenge, and now they have!

Today, our HOBO display boards will help you conquer all of these; they are high-resolution, lightweight, cost-effective engaging displays that allow you to tell multiple stories and keep your version control consistent.  After all…if you can get the audience to stop and engage, the display has done its job…it’s show time.


Jackie Holmes


HOBO Industries, Inc.