Why did you pick HOBO as a company name?

Aside from a clever play on ownership’s last names, a hobo travels and performs work.  Our product allows for highly productive work and easy travel.

Are these HOBO boards easy to set up? 

Absolutely!  Set it up in seconds.  Check out our How It Works page for more details. 

Can we design a HOBO on our own?

Yes!  If you don’t have designers, we can do it for you.  HOBO does charge a fee, but we really try not to make it a big one. 

What does a HOBO cost?

When you design it, it is $700 plus shipping per piece.  We do love volume and repeat business, so we offer discounts!

How much does your HOBO board weigh?

A mere 3.5 lbs.  Accompanied within one of our travel bags, the total weight is 7lbs. 

How long does it take to get a HOBO board delivered?

From your confirmed and paid order, we estimate 2-3 weeks.  This factors in proofing, and possible unanticipated supply chain issues.  Of course, we will try to exceed expectations!

How do I transport and store a HOBO?

HoBos come in a custom-made carrying case that will allow you to conveniently carry and store your precious HOBO.  As an added
bonus, the bag may outlast the product, and it’s yours keep with all of our marketing all over it. 

Is a HOBO board waterproof?

The basic material that we build the HOBO boards is, in fact, waterproof.  The printed finished product is resistant to water, normal liquid cleaners, and coffee.  But let’s try not to go swimming with it. 

What if my HOBO board arrives damaged? 

That is unacceptable!  We will work to immediately get you a replacement!  Let us know immediately. 

Are there quantity discounts available?

Absolutely!  They start at 5 pieces and increase for larger orders.  We want more of your business, and we’ll discount it!

Are your products made in the United States? 

 Yes!  Our base material, printing, and construction is all from the United States.