How It Works

How It Works

Get your HOBO board in three easy steps.

Create a board & place an order

Review & approve a proof

Receive your HOBO board & admire 

  Your Brand Has a Story.   HOBO Helps You Tell It.

HOBO makes it easy to get your message on the road and in front of curious eyes. You choose the graphics, and we take care of the rest. Our patent-pending design will pull people in so you can work your magic.

Step 1

Template: Download our template here in Adobe’s InDesign

Customize: Our InDesign template gives you placeholders and guidelines for artwork to maximize the appeal of your finished product. If you feel that using InDesign is too much for you or your organization, we can help! Contact our professional services team to get started on a design today.

Place your order: For most people and companies, the easiest way to place your order is right through our site. Just upload your board design, make your order, pay, and you’re on your way. We’ll check in with you before we create and ship your product to make sure everything is lined up right!

Download Template

Step 2

Design: After either you’ve submitted your design and we’ve looked it over, or our professional HOBO Services team has created the design for you, we send you a proof. Looks good? Approve and your order will be off to be built.

Step 3

That’s a wrap: Fast-forward to receiving your HOBO board – the day is finally here! Unpackage, stand, unfold and observe. You are now the proud owner, and we’re proud to have you as a customer!